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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SCC at Margam Park Heroes and Legends

Yay, convention time! this time were back at Margam Park for another great Heroes and Legends.
this was held over both Saturday and Sunday, but unfortunately we could only make the sunday. so here are some shenanigans from sunday.  

Sexy Supergirl cant get enough of Copperopolis. if thats thats not selling point enough i dont know what is.

So, they do a 'Guests Group Photo' ever time, it seems we werent quiet 'Guest' enough, despite them taking the photo right in front of our table. but we still snuck our comic in there.


 Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat, more thanks to the people who stopped for a chat and picked up some comics and prints. hope everyone who had sketchcards and sketches were pleased with them.
oh, and a special thank you to Waggy, for getting everyone a cup of tea or a drink.... except for me.

see you guys same time, next time.