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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SCC at Margam Park Heroes and Legends

Yay, convention time! this time were back at Margam Park for another great Heroes and Legends.
this was held over both Saturday and Sunday, but unfortunately we could only make the sunday. so here are some shenanigans from sunday.  

Sexy Supergirl cant get enough of Copperopolis. if thats thats not selling point enough i dont know what is.

So, they do a 'Guests Group Photo' ever time, it seems we werent quiet 'Guest' enough, despite them taking the photo right in front of our table. but we still snuck our comic in there.


 Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat, more thanks to the people who stopped for a chat and picked up some comics and prints. hope everyone who had sketchcards and sketches were pleased with them.
oh, and a special thank you to Waggy, for getting everyone a cup of tea or a drink.... except for me.

see you guys same time, next time.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last few copies of Copperopolis left...

The first printing of Copperopolis is nearly sold out! From the Manic Minds of The SCC and featuring all of the crazy characters above, Copperopolis has been the hot comic book read of this scorching summer! Grab a copy of this collectors item now!

Available from The Comix Shoppe, Shoppers Walk, Swansea or from this very blog.
(FREE sketch card with all online orders)

View the pencils here

Monday, July 15, 2013


so i had this idea to randomly leave scc sketchecards around for people to find last time i was at IKEA, a way of essentially fishing for new fans/followers/likes.
of course i completely forgot about the idea until i was there again, so i improvised.
grabbing the nearest trophy IKEA pencil and those tally thing scorecard whatsits, i spat out a Man of Steel sketch on one (after my meatballs) half way through our adventure around furniture-land.

The writing states:
(the picture, not the frame)

the idea, as the pictures show, leave the sketch in a photo frame, have someone take the sketch, email us, and they would get a prize. either a nicely done inked and coloured Sketchcard or an a4 character sketch of their choosing.

*At the moment this is still Unclaimed*
although we have had no responses (from someone who has taken it, or management giving us a telling off) claiming the prize, we cannot be sure an employee hasnt removed it :/

so as far as we know, it is still there. so if you're in the CARDIFF area and suddenly remembered you need a reasonably priced flat packed dvd stand, pop to IKEA and have a look and let us know if its still there

keep an eye out for more of these SCC Treasure Hunts popping up

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Great Comics for Kids!

I wrote a list of my daughter's favourite comics for a friend and thought it would make a useful post. They get a little girl-centric towards the bottom but hey, I've read all of them (except one)...


by Jeff Smith 
Published by Scholastic 
Hilarious, huge favourite in our house, read and re-read, over and over!

Marvel's Wizard of Oz adaptations 
Eric Shanower & Skottie Young
Jaw-droppingly gorgeous artwork & Fun stories.

Little Nemo in Slumberland 
by Winsor McKay
Difficult to find and probably expensive when you do but worth it. Lushly illustrated, bonkers storylines. 

by Mike Kunkel

Magic Trixie 
by Jill Thompson

Published by Harper Trophy
A good starter for younger readers. Easy to read and lot's of fun.


The Courageous Princess
by Rod Espinosa
Haven't read it myself but this was a HUGE favourite of my eldest, reread a lot.

Polly and the Pirates 
by Ted Naifeh
Published by Oni Press

Cracking read, awesomely illustrated. Sadly, Naifeh doesn't draw the second volume. Some mild language.

PG recommended (some mature themes)

Courtney Crumrin
by Ted Naifeh
Published by Oni Press
Dripping in atmosphere and attitude.

Any favourites of your kids you want to share?

Thanks for reading,
This Man, This Pete