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Monday, February 28, 2011

Comic workshops at Swansea Museum

We ran some comic workshops at Swansea Museum during half-term, here is some of the awesome artwork created by our visitors. Thanks for coming guys...


Thanks for coming, guys!

Friday, February 18, 2011

SCC Comic ready for Cardiff IC Expo!

It's true, the first issue of SCC ASSEMBLED! #1 could be in your clammy little hands soon. We've collected some of the best comic pages produced by members of the Swansea Comics Collective and, well, made a comic out of them! With contributions form Mark 'Son of Ken' Hughes, Lee Phillips, Mark Tranter, Rob Taylor, Simon Daniels, Ricky Webber, Adma Wilmot and Pete Taylor plus a selection of our favourite blarts from this very blog.

We'll have them on sale at the Cardiff International Comic Expo on Saturday February 25th, If you've bought your ticket already, good on ya. If you haven't then best get there early as they don't have many tickets on sale on the day. If you can't make the expo you can pick up a copy at the Comix Shoppe, Shoppers Walk, Swansea :)

We'll be running a 'creating comics' workshop and trying to create the biggest wall comic we can. Come along and help.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

BLART: The Ever-Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing!

Lizzi Richards

Mark Hughes

Mark Tranter


Lee Philips

Ricky Webber

Aw, man I've been waiting for this one! Benjamin J Grimm, the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing has always been one of my favourite comic characters and I knew he would be picked for a blart soon. I had so many ideas for this one it was hard to decide; Ben in disguise wearing his shades, hat and raincoat, Ben as Blackbeard, Old school lumpy Ben carrying the bomb into Monstro in that early FF issue. I couldn't decide so I had a chat with my daughter Daisy who is a big FF fan and she came up with the idea I eventually drew, The Thing getting a present from the Yancy Street Gang. Great idea, thanks Daisy!

And thanks for looking!

BLART: Ghost In The Shell


Slim Pickings again for this blart. I'll add more if and when they arrive ;)

Thanks for looking,

BLART: Design a god for the Swansea Comics Collective

-Mark Tranter

Ooh, this was a tough one, it was the first blart I missed and I still haven't completed it. I know there were a couple more done but they haven't been handed in yet. I'll add them as they trickle in...

After saying all that, what a awesome job Tranter did on his piece. It was a real surprise that he had elevated us
to divine status (and blown our secret identiies in the process ;). From top left that's me and Mark 'Son of Ken' Hughes then Mark Tranter, Lee Philips, Adam Wilmot, Rob Taylor and Ricky Webber, the Illuminati of the SCC. Kudos to Rob Taylor for his sterling colouring job.


-Lee Philips

At last, one of my favourite blarts ever. I had to drive around to his house and pick it up to scan but it's here. I love the rain cloud on his head, the expression, the pot belly, ah, you get the picture...

Another reason, I like these blarts so much is that they are original pieces and not based on another companies character. Probably, why we had less take-up on this one but definitely worth the extra effort. Well done, guys.


Thanks for looking,