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Monday, July 15, 2013


so i had this idea to randomly leave scc sketchecards around for people to find last time i was at IKEA, a way of essentially fishing for new fans/followers/likes.
of course i completely forgot about the idea until i was there again, so i improvised.
grabbing the nearest trophy IKEA pencil and those tally thing scorecard whatsits, i spat out a Man of Steel sketch on one (after my meatballs) half way through our adventure around furniture-land.

The writing states:
(the picture, not the frame)

the idea, as the pictures show, leave the sketch in a photo frame, have someone take the sketch, email us, and they would get a prize. either a nicely done inked and coloured Sketchcard or an a4 character sketch of their choosing.

*At the moment this is still Unclaimed*
although we have had no responses (from someone who has taken it, or management giving us a telling off) claiming the prize, we cannot be sure an employee hasnt removed it :/

so as far as we know, it is still there. so if you're in the CARDIFF area and suddenly remembered you need a reasonably priced flat packed dvd stand, pop to IKEA and have a look and let us know if its still there

keep an eye out for more of these SCC Treasure Hunts popping up

1 comment:

Son of Ken said...

Such an awesome idea, nice job mate.