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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Night Shift Sketches

so i recently did a short stint stacking shelves on a nightshift, safe to say it was booooooring. so i needed a way to help get through the night, and seeing as im (slightly) behind on my pages for the new issue of Copperopolis, needed to get the feel for sketching back. 
the idea was to get a little sketch pad, do a sketch on my break and stick it on instagram asking what the next sketch should be for the following shift.
when i put up the first sketch, i only had one suggestion, from Ricky Webber one of our writers (say that 3 times fast). he said to work through the characters of Copperopolis.

it shall be done... not because you said, or lack of suggestion, because i want to ;)

1. so here is the first one, a selfie depicting my general mood, 
in all my beardy hobo-ish goodness.  

2. starting of the Copperopolis characters, one half of the Button Men, 
Montgomery Weeber.

3. unfortunately you cant have one without the other, here is the other half of the Button Men.
The Bumbling Bobble headed buffoon, Baldrick J. Wilmont.

4. first of the bad guys (in the sketches and the comic). 
Vortigen The Tyrant and later "The Man in White"

5. "The Mayor of Copperopolis - protector of the city for centuries. has anger issue"
no doubt brought on by the stress of having to deal with the Button Men.

6. The Not-altogether-there, soaring soldier of the sky's, "The Red Kite" 

7. the surprisingly popular Sgt. Davis Haig. Director of C.W.T.C.H (Central Welsh Terrorism Control House), Copperopolis' answer to SHIELD.
i must point out, yes the centre of that logo is a MASSIVE rip off of the SHIELD logo, i know that. as yet CWTCH does not have a logo, i drew that simply to get the point across (it was 4am give me a break)
if a CWTCH logo is featured in future issues of Copperopolis, it will not look like that (which is a shame, i do think that dragon is kick ass)

8. and finally one of my favorites, the Poetically named mister Avary Peck, Leader of the "Bird men of Gower" 

and there it is. im no longer on the night shift, so there wont be any more 4am sketches, but i may however continue rattling through Copperopolis characters when i have a spare moment, i mean, come on, i got the rest of the sketch book to use.

Live long and prosper True Believers, and may the force be with you

... your a wizard harry!