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Monday, August 31, 2009

SCC Comic Workshops - Day 4 photos

The final 'Creating Comics' workshop at Swansea Museum was on Saturday. It was pretty nice weather outside and it was carnival day so we weren't expecting many visitors but we got loads again. And lots of returning faces who had more comic ideas they had to get out.

On the first day of the workshops we started a wall comic, one person at a time would write and draw a panel and the story would be added to by visitors and SCC members alike. By the end of the fourth day we had a tale that was forty panels long and three-quarters of the length of the room. Thanks to everyone that contributed, I'll post up the whole thing soon.

The wall comic.

SCC Assembled: Gary, Non, Captain SoK, Pete, Anna, Dan, Rob, Adam, Nathan, Lee-ving Legend

Thanks to the Swansea Museum staff and everyone who visited. Thanks also to all the SCC members who gave up their time to help out at the workshops.

It was a blast...