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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SCC Comic Workshops: Day Two

Hello fellow comickers.

Last Saturday (22nd August) saw the second of the four workshops that the S.C.C are holding at Swansea Museum. Again I think that it was a success, mainly because even though it was a Saturday, and it was sunny (which meant people staying outside) we still had a good turnout through out the day. As far as I could tell we did not have empty tables at any point.

The ideas box was tweaked, and on Saturday we had a good run of interesting characters including my personal favorite of the day 'grumpy hedgehog vicar' (pictures of which I think will be posted soon.)

It was great to see all the people who came through our doors so enthused about what they do, and in some cases sitting at our tables for 2-3 hours working on their comic. We had people come in who were interested in different styles of comics. We even got a story from one of the children, which Dan took round to the guests, who, in turn did a panel each. That for me was fantastic, and to me spells success for the workshop.

We are hoping that the next workshops are just as successful as the first two. Remember if you missed out on the first two we will be back at the museum Wednesday (26th August) and Saturday (29th August) from 11am until 4pm. So do come along, see how the us comickers work, and maybe take a stab at your own little masterpiece yourself.

We look forward to seeing you then. ^_^