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Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Day 5

The last day of the con and what can I say. It was by far the easiest to handle. There was very little left that we actually wanted to do. We went to the signing for Pixu with Gabriel Ba, Becky Cloonan Vasilis Lolos and Fabio Moon. Then went out for a bite to eat and then back in and grabbed a copy of Vasilis book The Last Call from Oni Press and he happened to be there signing so I got him to sign it there. Then we went out for some air and headed back in to do some last minute shopping I got a copy of 5 from Fabio Moon and had it signed by 3 of the 5 people who worked on it.

Throughout the day we had ran into Matthew Sheret the curator of Phonogram vs The Fans and had also seen him several times during the show. We also had a chat with Jamie McKelvie about his con experiences and San Diego in general.

We then wandered around for a bit and then head out after saying a few goodbyes. All in all it was a extremely enjoyable experience that I hope to have again maybe even as a professional one day.

This concludes my Comic Con 09 diary now I will enjoy the rest of my non comic related San Diego holiday without the feeling that I must remember ass much as possible for the blog.