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Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Day 2

Today started like any other day I woke up, showered and got dressed. Then I caught a bus to the city centre and walked down my destination. Then it got decidedly un-typical. First thing I did was wait in a long line to get to the Exhibition floor where I walked over to the booth of none other than Mr Brian Wood. A incredibly nice guy we chatted to him for a while I got him to sign my copy of Local I got yesterday and I purchased his 2009 design book in which he did a small sketch and signed it. We asked him about his favourite artists to work with and some other questions. We then went over to Mike Mckone and I picked up my second but more expensive ASM page. After this we went to Artists Alley to find Ryan Kelly the artists of Local he did a small sketch and signed it for me.

We then headed to the Image booth and met Jamie McKelvie of Phonogram fame and Matthew Sheret (curator of the Phonogram Vs The Fans Fanzine). Being British the were cool and we had a blast talking comics and music with them. I handed my sketch book and a reasonable fee to Mr McKelvie for a sketch which I would later retrieve in all it's glory.

We then headed out of the convention floor to check out the room for the Spotlight on Bryan Lee O'Malley. There was a MMO panel about to start in the room so we sat in on that but barely listened then as it was ending we went to the front so we would have prime seating for the O'Malley panel. The panel was good fun it was moderated by none other than comics guru Scott McCloud. He asked Bryan Question's mainly about Scott Pilgrim but did make a brief mention of Lost At Sea. It was humourous and interesting and I learnt some cool stuff. He then answered some fan questions mostly about the upcoming Scott Pilgrim movie and some comic related questions.

After the panel ended we headed back to the DC booth for a Becky Cloonan Signing at Vertigo. I had her sign my issue 1 of American Virgin. My sketchbook still in the capable hands of Mr McKelvie I was unable to get a sketch at this time but after going to the Image Booth and chatting with Phonogram scribe Kieron Gillen and asked him if my sketch was done and had been left by Mr McKelvie. This was just in time to rush back over to the DC Booth to get a Sketch from Becky Cloonan before the end of her signing.

This left just 1 hour before the signing I had most looked forward to my all time greatest influence as an artist Darick Robertson. So we went out so my traveling companion, Max, could cash some traveller's cheques. We came back to find an insanely large line for Mr Jim Lee who Max wanted to meet which became impossible as they had capped the line (But tomorrows a new day). I was the only person who turned up early for Mr Robertson's signing until another gentleman strolled up about 5 minutes before it began. He was an awesome guy to meet and I was so glad I had the chance. He was reasonably chatty and was more than happy to oblige to fans requests for pictures. He also signed and gave away copies of his newest series based on the Prototype video game. He did me an awesome sketch of Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan. He was nothing if not gracious again humourous and friendly. When he arrived to a line of 2 people he chuckled and said 'Thanks for making me look cooler than I am.' Obviously in reference to teh comparison between his and Jim Lee's lines.

It was then back off to the booth of Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan and co. and we were pleased to find Gabriel Ba at the same booth. I had him sign my copy of Casanova 1, which garnered a reaction which brought a smile to his face. He was obviously happy that people read work of his that wasn't The Umbrella Academy. I also purchased a lovely set of prints from Becky Cloonan which I am somewhat afraid to open in fear of ruining them. We then went off to the comic shop within the convention centre and came across Hope Larson doing a small signing at the end of the shop. Luckily I had me copy of Gray Horses with me and I had her sign it for me and she was handing out free unedited review copies of Mercury her upcoming graphic novel and I happily took a copy.

We then went outside but still within the convention centre and had a rest before heading in to loiter around the Oni Booth waiting for the Bryan Lee O'Malley signing to begin. We conversed with the various Oni Press booth representatives and learnt some stuff about various books the supplied. We then went on a short walk to waste away the time before the signing. The signing eventually began and unfortunately due to the length of the line he was unable to do sketches but he did sign my Scott Pilgrim volume 1 and gave me a lovely compliment on my glasses.

This is the end of day 2 we left it there for today we were tired and hungry so we needed to get back to the hotel.

Here is all the goodies from today and some other pics.