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Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Day 1

As was requested I will post images and text on my experiences of San Diego Comic Con.

The first day of the con started late the doors opened at 6 and the room flooded with people. We headed straight for the DC booth and grabbed as much free stuff as possible. I then joined the cue for the Fables signings. And received sketches from both the creators Writer Bill Willingham and Artist Mark Buckingham.

After this I decided to do a bit of shopping and picked up a bunch of awesome items.

Runaways HC volume 1 ---- Scott Pilgrim T-Shirt
Skydoll HC ---- Gray Horses
The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanac ---- Limited Edition Freak Angels Print
Lost At Sea ----Scott Pilgrim Full Colour Odds and Ends
Mike McKone Page from ASM---- Local HC

Along with these Items I reserved another Mike McKone Page from ASM this time with Spider-Man and the New Vulture. Also I met the young lady that Mr. McKone based the woman in the panels on.

Thats day one in a nutshell day two coming soon.


MWPete said...

That's quite some stash, Peter Maggs! After you with the Gray Horses :) Seen anyone on the floor? I heard on Jonathan Rosss's show that he's gone dressed as Ash from the pokemon cartoons.

Anna said...

Wow that all looks pretty awesome. I would try and get that FreakAngels print signed. I know Warren Ellis is at convention, but not for the whole thing. How long is the convention, and what sort of things can we look forward to in the coming days. Are you going to any panels. If you liked Hope Falls, Tony Lee has a panel on Saturday (changed from Thursday)

Looks like you are having fun though, looking forward to the day two roundup ^_^

jayne confused said...

it sounds like your having a great time out there it would be great to have a chat.soon,