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Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Day 1

As was requested I will post images and text on my experiences of San Diego Comic Con.

The first day of the con started late the doors opened at 6 and the room flooded with people. We headed straight for the DC booth and grabbed as much free stuff as possible. I then joined the cue for the Fables signings. And received sketches from both the creators Writer Bill Willingham and Artist Mark Buckingham.

After this I decided to do a bit of shopping and picked up a bunch of awesome items.

Runaways HC volume 1 ---- Scott Pilgrim T-Shirt
Skydoll HC ---- Gray Horses
The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanac ---- Limited Edition Freak Angels Print
Lost At Sea ----Scott Pilgrim Full Colour Odds and Ends
Mike McKone Page from ASM---- Local HC

Along with these Items I reserved another Mike McKone Page from ASM this time with Spider-Man and the New Vulture. Also I met the young lady that Mr. McKone based the woman in the panels on.

Thats day one in a nutshell day two coming soon.