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Monday, August 6, 2012

Blart Attack

So a week ago me, Adam, Tranter and Kieran randomly decided to do this after they kicked us out of the library.

So feeling bolder, armed with a garden fork and an extra pair of hands (Lee) we set about re-designing the beach.

We all pitched in with the work, even though some pictures would suggest otherwise, the work was a lot harder than we anticipated and one fork between five meant that we had to take turns. However we did gather a bit of attention from people walking along the promenade.

As Tranter put the fork through the sand for the finishing stroke we noticed how close the tide had gotten in the four hours it took us to complete the logo. So we decided to stick around despite the rain, we played about taking photos before watching the sea destroy four hours of hard work in a matter of minutes.

So on to the next design leave a comment if you have any suggestions for what we do next time, just not too many curves as we came close to blows over those speech bubbles.