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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100 SCC Sketch Cards: #96 THE CRIMSON AVENGER

As Ed Brubaker wrote in the letter column for Incognito, "The secret ingredient is Pulp" and The Crimson Avenger makes it 96 sketch cards while representing this great genre (is it a genre?).

I'm not sure when I first discovered pulp, I read all the Conan, John Carter & Tarzan paperbacks without knowing of their heritage. I learned of Black Mask when reading the forewords of the novels of Raymond Chandler & Dashiel Hammett. Finally, I got hold of a copy of Jim Steranko's History of Comics and the amazing first volume's coverage of the range of titles revealed the full history of Pulp to me and the ground work it had laid for so many comic characters.

I also chose this version of the Crimson Avenger as a nod to DC animation and the triumphant 'Justice League Unlimited' in particular.  

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