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Monday, August 13, 2012

100 SCC Sketch Cards: #94 FLEX MENTALLO

FLEX METALLO, makes it 94. Flex is really here representing Grant Morrison, the best writer in comics, bar none. I could have easily drawn someone from the massive Seven Soldiers series, or Joe The Barbarian or Seaguy or The Invisbibles and I did kick myself when I realised I'd missed a chance to draw El Gaucho from Grant's run on Batman. But in the end I went for Flex Mentallo, The Master of Muscle Mystery! I did read and love the Doom Patrol when Morrison was in charge but Flex is here really for the brilliant nineties mini-series that has only recently been reprinted. I couldn't begin to give a synopsis but the combination of Morrison's script, Frank Quitely's art and Rian Hughes dynamite cover design work makes it one of my all-time favourite reads...

Thanks Grant...

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