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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Drink and Draw

Last night Adam, Pete, Sok, Ricky, Lawrence, "I ain't doin' your stinkin' beermats" Tranter and eventually Lee "I thought it was tomorrow" Phillips took over the raised level of the Potters Wheel in Swansea for our first Drink and Draw. From the moment that the event started until way past our advertised finish time our artists didn't stop drawing, or drinking, so here are the results of this booze fuelled sketchathon.

So first up is "Prolific" Pete who was on fire,drawing like there was no tomorrow:

Cute Cap

Wonder Woman

Cyber Goth

Cute Hawkeye

Cute Bilbo
Another Wonder Woman

And the Last sketch of the night Cloak and Dagger
Next up is Mark "SoK" Hughes:
Sean on of the customers 
Green Lantern

The Punisher
Swamp Thing
and the last of the artists to use the beermats is "Late" Lee:

Spider Jerusalem 

Beast, Pencils by Lee and inks by SoK

Then there's Tranter who refused to draw on the beermats but did do these sketchcards:

Another Swamp Thing

The Joker

Thank you to the Potters Wheel and the Staff for allowing us to use the space, and thank you to all the people who attended and made this Drink and Draw a massive success (so much so Pete and Tranter have homework)  with your purchases of Sketches and Comics. For those who missed it don't despair we will be back at the Potters Wheel on the 11th of December for Drink and Draw 2: Drink Harder!