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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WHO'S YOUR COMIC BOOK CRUSH? Zeros N' Heroes Podcast

Trent by Son of Ken

So this ones a little different from previous comic book crush posts as the guys from the "Zeroes N Heroes" podcast completed our questionnaire on episode 58 of their podcast. So rather write a whole transcript of the show I'm going to direct you to their site where it is available here

Zeros N Heroes is hosted by Trent Hunsaker, who owns Death Ray Comics in Logan Utah where he runs the A Part Of Him Podcast Network. Trent can also be heard on the Smodcast Network as the co-host of Netheads.

Trent is joined by Jonathan Ribera and Jordan Brown who are two of the co-founders of the comedy troupe Logan Out Loud who perform inside Death Ray Comics. Jonathan is also an artist who's art is available here
Thor by Jonathan Ribera

So check out their sites to get a better idea of what these guys are about.