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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dragon Heir: Reborn

One of my favourite independent comics has to be Dragon Heir from the lovely people at Sweatdrop Studios.

Dragon Heir is illustrated and written by Emma Vieceli. She is probably best known for her work with Self Made Hero's Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing. Furthermore, she has had many other publications including: Image's Comic Book Tattoo, Tokyopop's Princess Ai and EV,Violet for the Guardian Newspaper, and the DFC, and has been a guest artist on Phonogram 2: The Singles Club.

However, it all started with Dragon Heir! There are nine issues so far. The Graphic Novel has the first six issues collected and is available from Sweatdrop Studios, along with the more recent issues seven, eight, and nine.

The first five issues were released many years ago, and now Emma has decided that she is going to re draw, and in some cases rewrite sections of the original story. I love the story as it stands, but I have had a look at the first two chapters now available on Emma's blog, and they are well worth having a look/read. Immediately I was blown away by the first page. Buildings and backgrounds have now been added to the fantastic character design, and it really fleshes out the world that the story is set in, and this is seen throughout the first two chapters. People who read the original series (the original single issues) will notice that the characters have been completely redrawn, and when you compare the two images you can really see how far Emma has come as an artist. It just goes to show what can come of hard work and practise. Dragon heir: Reborn proves this in spades and I highly recommend old and new fans alike to check out this outstanding piece of work out. Dragon Heir: Reborn is available as a webcomic so all you have to do is click the link below, click on the cover image, and then read away.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that Dragon Heir: Reborn will be updated every Monday.

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