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Thursday, January 23, 2014

General SCC News Update

so its been abit quiet on here as of late, we have been doing stuff, super awesome stuff, honest. its just noone could be bothered to post it on here.

whats been happening? well lets start with halloween, i see noone put any pics up on here.
Tranter went with WWII Captain America, where as Lee went as Dredd, but he flacked out at 1am sober as a judge (get it?) so heres another pic of Tranter.

Also his Batman Arkham Origins Collectors Edition arrived a few days before Halloween, so he was pretty happy with that

even playing that hes managed to churn out a few sketch cards, mainly Doctor Who related.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Doctors

Just before Christmas Ricky, Waggy and Tranter had an amazing conversation where they re-cast Star Wars characters with Looney Tunes. now we all know they regularly have interesting conversations, so it was hard to pick a good one to include, but this is the line up we decided on:

  • Luke - Buggs
  • Han - Foghorn
  • Chewie - Taz
  • Leia - Lola
  • Lando - Pepe le Pew
  • C3PO - Sylvester
  • R2D2 - Tweety

  • Vader - Marvin
  • Palpatine - Elmer Fudd
  • Stormtroopers - Yosemite Sam (cause they both never hit anything)
  • Boba Fett - Daffy

although there much debate about whether Wile E Coyote should be Boba Fett

so Christmas came and went again.

The SCC Drink an Draw have also been going strong, as youve probably seen from the preview few updates, but heres some pics anyway

Stay Classy Waggy

Webber Recently slipped some SCC Business cards in the Tescos Stamp Machine, good job.

and in other news, Webber fell of a cargo net from 6ft onto his face trying to beat a 10yr old girl in a race.... he won.
and Waggy, in an attempt to intentionally ward off people, has grown the worst goatee you'll ever see. so if you see him be sure to call him Mr Tumnus, or something similarly offensive.

Theres probably more news, but its late, im tired and i got work in the morning

Live long and prosper True Believers, and may the force be with you

... your a wizard Harry!

Disclaimer: i am also required to state that we are all working tirelessly on Issue 2 of Copperopolis :D