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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween in Gotham City

Hope everyone had a good halloween and im assuming you went to great lengths for you costume.... we did, but then again, we are massive geeks
these are the photos i managed to scavenge from various facebook accounts, of a typical Halloween in Gotham City.

Gotham Rogues Gallery

The Bat-Family



Pritty early on in the night, the manager of the bar we were at came over to us and asked if we had left some speech bubbles around, and showed us a small stack of exclamations such as "POW" and "KABOOM". we hadnt left them, but none the less, we claimed them. and as youd imagine, fun and silly pictures quickly followed


 well that was the SCC halloween night out.
thanks to everyone who dressed up, can honestly say no one half assed their costumes and everyone looked amazing.... yes, even Scarecrow.

also special thanks to Damien P Rosser, who not only managed to get our awesome group shots, but was also kind enough to let us pinch them and stick em up here.
check out his Flickr feed now...