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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wales Comic Con 2012

Well here it is. i know alot of have you have been waiting patiently for this, and even more of you havnt been waiting at all. regardless, here it is, SCC's Wales Comic Con Wall-Comic... or the "SCCWCCWC" for short, kinda 

 Well that was certainly random. Thanks to everyone who added to it, hope you had fun. special thanks to everyone who tried to bring the story back around or link them to previous panel, for example Panels 25, 50, 62, 84, 118 and 119

Spectacular Panels to be noted:
Panel 4, Lego Batman, totally awesome
Panel 6, Joker on a donkey, classic
Panel 15, for getting "Shark repellent spray" into it
Panel 33, a public service announcement
Panel 40, a Horse doing a poo... keep it classy kelly.
Panel 58, you drew it upside down
Panel 67, Thanks, didnt need to sleep tonight anyway
Panel 79, breaking the fourth wall. nice picture of adam as well :)
Panel 85, cant go wrong with zombies
Panel 91, Avengers+Boba Fett = good times
Panel 93, awwww they're so cute
Panel 94, Baahahahaha... Buttface
Panel 95, thanks for the warning bob
Panel 107, :) nice
Panel 110, wise ass

Untill next time true believers, Huzzah.

Shut up Adam