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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

100 SCC Sketch Cards: #100 HELLBOY

Number 100 had to be special and nothing short of the Comic Book Event of the Year seemed fitting. No, not The Avengers movie, and definitely not some-over long squabble between super-types. No, the Comic Book Event of the Year is Mike Mignola's return to drawing a Hellboy Series! HELLBOY IN HELL starts in December and will continue the amazing series of stories that Mignola and Fegrado have been crafting together over the last few years.

And it's not just the Hellboy series, all the BPRD titles that Dark Horse is publishing are bang on the money, the best comics out there, bar none.

Order all of 'em... and tell 'em Pete sent ya!

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UPDATE: Pencils and roughs for the last 10 sketch cards are here on