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Monday, July 16, 2012

100 SCC Sketch cards: 31-45

Swansea Comics Collective Sketch Cards by This Man, This Pete

In this batch, a bunch of SCC birthdays helped me on my way to 100 sketch cards...

#31 - Green Lantern gets a birthday cake from Sinestro in Simon Daniel's birthday sketch
#32 - Gladiator, my favourite Daredevil villain, shame he's gone straight...
#33 - Kraven The Hunter
#34 - Aquaman from the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon with his trusty steed Platelet
#35 - Dark Knight celebrates 25 years of Swansea's Comix Shoppe
#36 - Deadpool birthday sketch card for the SCC's ever cheerful Mark Tranter
#37 - Deathlok, Marvel comics 70s scifi cyborg
#38 - DC comics Deadman tries scare tactics
#39 - Spider-Man birthday sketch card for the SCC's writing powerhouse Ricky 'Webberhead' Webber
#40 - Obi-Wan Kenobi tries to keep Nigel's birthday cake for himself
#41 - Elektra, birthday sketch card for Rebecca
#42 - Dry Bowser sketch card to celebrate his unlocking on our Mario Kart
#43 - Hulk Smash puny birthday cake! SCC co-founder Son of Ken's birthday sketch card
#44 - ...and another Godzilla stylee one.
#45 - Captain America!

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