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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

100 SCC Sketchcards: 01-15

So I'm closing in on my one hundredth Swansea Comics Collective Sketch Card and I thought I should post up all them... so here's the first fifteen.

From top left:
01- Always start with a gorilla, that's a motto to live by...
02 - Luke Cage, Power Man and his Bulletproof Afro!
03 - Iron Fist, the K'un L'un Kid completes the Marvel Heroes for Hire
04 - Darkseid, DC comics biggest baddie with a background assist from Rhod Jones
05 - Moon Knight
06 - Two Face
07 - Crom! Conan the Barbarian, drew this one three times before I got it right
08 - Elric of Melnibone and Stormbringer, one of my faves this one.
09 - The Lizard, one of the best Amazing Spider-Man villains
10 - MoSok, SCC co-founder Son of Ken as Modok for the March Modok Madness site
11 - Thor, drawn just after seeing the movie
12 - Metamorpho
13 - Beware the Claw! The Lobster/Lobster Johnson
14 - Scott Pilgrim loves Cake! Birthday card for Lizzie
15 - J'onn J'onzz, The Manhunter from Mars, birthday card for the SCCs very own Manhunter

View all 100 Sketch Cards here.

If you want to check out the pencils and roughs for some of these head over to the post on

Onward! I'll post the next batch asap...

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