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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The 'New' DC 52

So I know it's been going for around 9 months now but I thought I'd share my thoughts about the DC reboot. So, as a Marvel reader, my first thought was great this could be a great time to jump on to a few DC books. On the launch I started by picking up the number ones of Nightwing, JLA, Mr Terrific, Grifter, Frankenstein, Captain Atom as well as reading Waggy's Batman, Catwoman, Teen Titans and Animal man. I kind of enjoyed a few but as the first arcs finished I found the only books I was still reading was JLA, Mr Terrific and Waggy's Batman. It wasn't that I wasn't enjoying what I was reading it was just that I didn't feel that the reboot wasn't enough of a reboot that new readers could understand what was going on. Another problem for me was that the books didn't seem to even be in the same continuity, for example Batman has already gone through 3 Robin's and in Batman Dick looks like a teenager but in Nightwing he is in his 20's. I just started to get lost in trying to figure things out and it took away from the enjoyment I don't see the point in a reboot where everything is already established in continuity? Why reboot a book like Batman but not re-imagine the origins of his villains, and why couldn't the court of owls storyline have just taken place in the pre-existing DC universe?

So for me personally I find the whole thing to be a letdown, if they wanted to do a whole reboot of the DC universe do a full reboot and not just the muddled partial reboot they've given us. Still I'd like to hear other takes and see what others think of the 'New' 52.