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Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is what i do with my spare time

so one of the conditions of looking after the groups new iPad is simply "use it". as in do sketches, update the blog yadda yadda, i dont know i was too busy playing with it (the pad) during the meeting.
so as well as putting up some sketches when iv finished them, here is a few pics of what i get up to in between playing angry birds and sketching.
i think its no secret that i love toys... the end

i may do a couple more, why not, huh.
so, any ideas on posses or scenarios, leave a comment.

also i wanted to do some really cool ones with Tony Starks robot arms that suit him up, cause i love them, but the majority of my technic lego is at my mums, so gonna have to wait for them

That is all