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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cardiff International Comics Expo 2012

The SCC was again back for the Cardiff International Comics Expo this year, this time spread over two are a bunch of pictures of people dressed up, us wondering around, sketches and artwork we produced for people, and our new person to person powersales team. First (and second technically) sale of the day. Never too busy to pose for a photo A requested sketchcard for Scarlett Spider and Black Cat. by Tranter Ezio has 3G Final Fantasy Character requested A4 sketch. By Lee PhillipsOn day Two, we were able to 'Comandeer' ourselves a second table. we reffered to this as our back up, or reserves table, for any overspill of sketches of sketchcards. in the case of overspill these 'Lesser Artists' or 'Talent Challenged' individuals would try their darndest. Bless em.
Possibly the meanest scowliest Batman Ever Lee's Weapon X Sketchcards he was sad to see go
Someone requested MoonKnight punching out BatmanAward for oddest request goes to...
Deadpoo By Pete TaylorCreature from the Black Lagoon request. By Lee Phillips.

The following few pictures are our new Power-sales team in action. they took the folder of sketchcards and went stall to stall and sometimes person to person presureing them to buy some. could you say no to those faces? ..... what, really? you monster! a second sketchcard request, accepted on my behalf (thanks adam). i expect it went something like this "hi my friend had a sketchcard of themselves and it looked great, can we get one?", Adam: "well tranter's not here right but i can honestly say that he would absulutly be delighted to, ill surprise him when he gets back". joking aside, i did enjoy doing them.
towards the end of the day some kept coming back and asking if we had finished her Harley Quinn, i had no knowledge of this, but she kept popping back, and lee was rushing to get it done, but when it was done, she didnt come back. we had a quick walk around to see if we could find her but she had gone. so if your reading this, we have your Harley Quinn, let us no if you want it.By Lee Phillips