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Friday, February 18, 2011

SCC Comic ready for Cardiff IC Expo!

It's true, the first issue of SCC ASSEMBLED! #1 could be in your clammy little hands soon. We've collected some of the best comic pages produced by members of the Swansea Comics Collective and, well, made a comic out of them! With contributions form Mark 'Son of Ken' Hughes, Lee Phillips, Mark Tranter, Rob Taylor, Simon Daniels, Ricky Webber, Adma Wilmot and Pete Taylor plus a selection of our favourite blarts from this very blog.

We'll have them on sale at the Cardiff International Comic Expo on Saturday February 25th, If you've bought your ticket already, good on ya. If you haven't then best get there early as they don't have many tickets on sale on the day. If you can't make the expo you can pick up a copy at the Comix Shoppe, Shoppers Walk, Swansea :)

We'll be running a 'creating comics' workshop and trying to create the biggest wall comic we can. Come along and help.