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Friday, August 19, 2016

SCC seek artist for new strip

The SCC is launching a new web strip called DRAGON THUNDER CLIFFS, a parody of an RPG world. The online comic will focus on what the non playable characters (NPCs) do when adventurers aren’t around to bother them and what they really think of them. The majority of the strips will take place in the town giving a humourous look on the day to day lives of this multicultural town of magical and non magical beings and the gags will either be straight up jokes or a satire of real life.
Now here's the thing, we don't have anyone to draw it yet...
Do you fancy a go or know someone who would? Take a look at the 3 scripts the SCC Brain Trust has put together and show us what you can do. You can submit one, two or all of 'em it's up to you. Just make sure you supply them as required in the Format and Template document and read the T&Cs below.

Script # 1 - A Taxing Situation

Script #2 - Dock & Cover

Iron & Steal Business

Format & Template document available here:

The SCC wants to start regular online publishing of Dragon Thunder Cliffs on their blog '' Please only enter if you want to collaborate with our writers to produce a regular weekly web strip.

There is no payment… to begin with. It’s a web strip, we’re a non-profit organisation. However, we hope to generate enough strips to fill a book. The SCC will pay print costs and con table expenses, if there’s any money left to share after these costs, it will be split across the team.
It’s a collaboration and hopefully the beginning of a partnership, we would have full and exclusive use of your artwork in the strip.

We are happy to accept submissions off creative teams. We aren't looking for writers at this time just artists.

Supplied templates must be used for each strip You can produce your artwork in any form at any size but it must be in proportion to the supplied panels and use the strip header provided. We want a completed strip, so you need to letter and colour your artwork. You can supply greyscale or line art if that’s how you see it.

The finished artwork must be supplied as specified in the Format & Template document.

Only strips sent to will be considered. 
Please DO NOT post to our FB page or tag us on social media.