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Monday, March 1, 2010

Comic Twart: Awesome art every week!

Comic Twart: Black Beetle by Ramón Pérez

I've been talking a lot about this site at our meetings but kept forgetting to post about it. COMIC TWART is a group of professional comic artists who choose and draw a different character each week. So far, they have drawn Zorro, Torpedo, Rocketeer, GI Robot, Black Beetle and Johnny Recon. This is all on top of their professional commitments for the sheer love of it, I guess.

Definitely, my favourite site at the moment, I'm incredibly impresed by the talent of these guys and find the whole site a huge inspiration.

Check out their site and the massive ammount of stuff they have posted in a month and a half. Then come back here at the end of the week when we will be delivering our own tribute to the Twarts.