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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comicky goodness over at Whitechapel.

Firstly, since this is the first post of the new year I should probably say Happy New Year even though it is nearly February ^_^.

Also I have been directed to Warren Ellis's site via twitter because there are guest comickers there all week to answer your comic creation/artwork/writing etc related questions.

I heartily recommend that you head on over to go say hello grab a cuppa and maybe ask some questions. Even if you have nothing to ask it is still worth reading comments to other people's questions. I for one am finding what the guests have to say very enlightening.

Go now, Emma Vieceli and Kelly Sue DeConnick are waiting for you. (Don't forget the biscuits)

Happy reading!


DuncanOrr1002 said...
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Anna said...

The last comment was removed because it was Spam!!