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Monday, April 13, 2009

Howdy pardners,
Just read the new updates and after reading Adam's I got an idea for my own recommendation. I much like Adam do see the SCC as a support group for Swansea's comic fans it allows us to get together and just talk about anything and everything, obviously with a main concentration being on comics. Well enough of that.
I went off to Athen's with my school last week and with me I took a few books. One being Fable's volume 11 the other Y: The Last Man volume 1. I would like to recommend the latter, not cause the former is terrible or anything still a cracking read but you need to have read 1-10 first.
Y: The Last Man is the tale of, you guessed it, the last living human male (along with his comedy capuchin sidekick) and his struggles in a now female dominated world where everyone wants to kill him or fornicate with him. The first volume in this 10 volume series is a beautifully crafted set up to one of the best original stories I have read. Why do I recommend it because unlike with the Watchmen I never thought to read it again how wrong I was. It still captivated me even though I still knew what was about to happen. It is a testament to Brian K. Vaughn's exceptional writing ability.  The art is beautifully presented as well the emotions are clear and the designs are realistic. No superheroes here but a story that will keep you enthralled from start to finish. If you haven't read it then what are you waiting for go down to 'Comix Shoppe' and get yourself a copy and if you have already read it read it again you will not be sorry.