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Friday, December 5, 2008

X-Mas SCC Meeting -
16th December, No Sign Bar, 8pm

The third Swansea Comics Collective meeting and the last of 2008 will be held at the No Sign Wine Bar on Wind Street on Tuesday 16th December from 8pm. We've tried to move the days around to catch as many interested people as possible and started the frequency at bi-weekly, mail us if you've not managed to attend yet and we'll see what we can do.

Last meeting (1-12-08) round-up: The Collective is really starting to heat up, we had four comic stories discussed at the latest meeting. All in various forms from rough concepts and character ideas to written page breakdowns. Most of the ideas have been posted on the SCC Google Group, and some of the artists have already started collaborating and sketching. If you want to read them or post your own thoughts, join up and head on over here.

Hope to see you there, if not, Merry X-mas!


Peter James Maggs said...

Last meet was great.
I feel we made huge leaps in the right direction, looks like were gonna have some great stuff for the anthology.
Hope to see a lot of you next meeting

Daniel F G said...

Yay! and other superlative words of joy!
It looks like Anna and I will be making it to the 3rd meet after all.
Joy! Happy! Stimpy!
And I will second and third VFP's feelings on the last meet. 'Twas brill.