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Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Meeting Date Announced

About bloomin' time an' all!
Yes, your patience has been rewarded, the first meeting is taking place on Wednesday, 12th November at the Brunswick Inn, 3 Duke Street, Swansea from 8pm. Brunswick map and directions are here.

This first meeting will be about establishing the group goals and getting to know the members so there is no need to bring anything but yourselves. If you can't make this meeting, don't worry we will hold meetings every month.

Can't wait for the meeting? Want to get started now? Head on over to the new SCC google group at . Here you can discuss your ideas with other members and post up sketches, pics, files whatever you need to get those comic ideas flowing. The group is just for SCC members so you will have to request membership but once you have joined you use the same login info as this blog.

Hope to see all there!


Son of Ken said...

Noice! Very noice!

Dan said...

im there. lookin forward to it :)

Anna said...

We have babysquisher, so I will be there ^_^. Bringing Dan (my husband) as well, if that's ok, he is a writer too and interested in seeing what you are about. He also has some ideas foating around that could be useful ^_^

See you on the 15th

Anna said...

What I am like, I just checked dates and obviously we are meeting on the 12th >_<

I have other stuff on the 15th and just got it mixed up.

See ya on the 12th ^_^

Into the Blue said...

I bet anyone £10 that Mark turns up wearing a Hellboy t-shirt.

Taylor Made said...

Well, I think it went rather well... still struggling with all the names tho :)